Wireless Broadband

Thorold and Kent have considerable experience within the community broadband sector, with many years of installing and maintaining small to large community networks accommodating both residential and commercial business interests.

Contracted Install to…
Thorold and Kent are contracted installers for the following Wireless ISP networks, we perform all customer installations and cover backhaul upgrades and tower/mast installations. For more information on how we can help grow your wireless ISP business please email [email protected] or call 01476 571507 and ask for Steve, Sara, Kate or Dan who operate the B2B team so we can book an initial assessment and discuss the relative commercials.

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Fixed Wireless Broadband
We specialize in fixed wireless broadband delivery, the team use their experience of aerial installation and apply best practices to wireless broadband installations. By migrating the skill set from aerial installation to wireless installations a high quality installation can be ensured whilst maintaining aesthetics without compromising on signal quality/performance. We are able to contract for Wireless ISP networks or direct to the end user. Thorold and Kent are able to offer full installation services for wireless networks from inception to completion, we can offer planning advice and work with your team to calculate link budgets and complete virtual surveys ahead of site visits to minimize costs and reduce margin for error. With full accreditation from CAI (http://www.cai.org.uk/) and V1 certification in Ubiquiti Wireless Broadband Admin we carry the qualifications and experience to deliver any fixed wireless network solution.

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Point-to-Point Wireless Links
We also specialise in point to point networks, point to point installations are used to connect buildings that have no physical or wired connections or where the site topology does not permit a physical link. Using Ubiquiti wireless technology the buildings can be linked together to provide connectivity for intranet and Broadband services, link speed is generally upto 250mbps depedent upon link length and interference. These links can be very discreet on small link lengths due to focused signal broadcast, as a result, smaller nodes can be used. To complement the point-to-point links we also offer internal wifi solutions operating at both 2.4ghz & 5ghz for optimal coverage, please get in touch to book a site survey and discuss your requirements!
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For more details on available services Telephone 01476 571507 or Email [email protected]